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Do You Need a Supplemental Medicare Plan to Complete Your Healthcare Needs?

If you are moving into Medicare for the first time, you may be separating from an employer healthcare plan that includes prescription  drug coverage and additional covered services, such as dental, vision or hearing.

Medicare A (Hospital Insurance) and B (Medical Insurance) combined  are referred to as original Medicare. If you are used to ( and comfortable with) an HMO sort of plan, then a Medicare Advantage Plan may be right for you. An Advantage plan replaces  original  Medicare and may offer many services that you want to keep as well.(Some may also  include prescription  drug  coverage) Advantage Plans offered vary in different states, you  may want to contact us to discuss   Advantage Plans available in your area.

A Medicare Supplemental plan (aka Medigap)  is in addition to Medicare Parts A and B. You  most likely pay a premium  for Part B, and you can choose  from a number of available Medigap plans  in your area to cover additional costs to you that original Medicare does not cover.  Medicare Part B, for instance  may pay 80 % of a covered service costs. With a supplemental plan, that insurance kicks in and will pay an additional percentage of the 20% of costs that you would be responsible for otherwise, perhaps even all of it.

Supplemental plans ( also know as the ‘alphabet plans’), range from Plan A – Plan N, are offered by private insurance companies, are standardized and offer a wide variety of additional coverage. Here you will  most likely pay your part B  premium and a premium for the plan you have selected.

Open enrollment period begins October 15, 2017. Now is the time to  consider which options are right for your personal healthcare needs. Please  contact us with any questions you may have.